I designed an app that allows you to track if the Rockies have a home game today (today being whatever day you are using the app). The app will also tell you who the Rockies are playing as well as what time they are playing. If the Rockies aren't home it will also tell you where the away game is being played.

The 46 Open

App that tracks matches, rates players based on wins and losses and shows match history. For Ping Pong players of galvanize. Future Version Features: Ranking system and match player functionality.


Room Reservation App that is very admin friendly. It is a plug and play design that can be used in any shared workspace or school environment. Designed to allow more control of users in the hopes of providing more accountability and more reliability.

Other Stuff

My Github

A site where all of my other projects are hosted. Some are complete than others but feel free to stop by and have a look

Crayola Corner

At Galvanize I learned a lot about being a web developer but I also learned a lot about myself. Through out my time there I developed a passion for teaching. I got the opportunity to TA a foundations class there and I was hooked. If I can give back a tenth of what Galvanize has given me and help that next developer find their spark or passion or help them to that "ah-ha" moment, then I will have lived a very happy life. So this YouTube channel is dedicated to just that. I break things down and solve coding problems and give people a chance to code along.

My Vlog

When I first started the Immersive program at Galvanize I thought it would be neat to have a vlog. The idea behind it was to provide people with some insight as to what the program was for a student. It also served as a medium for me to share my feelings. Sometimes it is nice to just get thoughts out of your head and put them some where else. In the future I would like to have a vlog/blog site but for now I have YouTube.

About Me


Hmmmm, about me? I am originally from Mobile, AL but I have been in Colorado since middle school. I have been living in the actual city of Denver for just over two years now and am slowly learning all there is to know about this awesome place. I am an Infantryman turned student, turned bouncer, turned red bull employee, turned student again. I entered the Galvanize web dev program just over in Feb 2017 and at 30 years old, finally found something that I am passionate about, coding. I think my interest in coding stemmed from a curiosity about how the world works but it has grown into something larger. I see coding as an invaluable skill. It is the power to fix things you had no idea were broken and to affect real change in the world around you. Becoming a developer is uncomfortable. You are constantly exposed to new view points and different ideas and ways of doing things you never thought existed. In this environment you have no choice but to grow. I love it. I have never been part of a community so diverse, so interesting and so intelligent in my life. Hmmmm so who am I? Well like all long winded, self indulgent paragraphs I will end with a quote. Aristotle once said "We are what we repeatedly do..." if that is the case, then I am a line in the console that says "unexpected token" but I am slowly changing that.